Hackers access database that has personal data for 143 million Americans from credit reporting agency Equifax

Listen, at this point, just assume that all the necessary data to open up credit cards, loans, etc, has been stolen and it’s just a matter of time before someone tries using it to rack up fraudulent accounts. Check your credit score religiously! Check to see if any accounts have been opened in your name.

Criminal hackers gained access to files that include the sensitive personal data — Social Security numbers, birth dates and home addresses — of 143 million Americans by penetrating a Web-based application for Equifax, the credit reporting agency said Thursday.

The breach, which the company said began in May, was discovered in July. Though Equifax said in a statement that “core database” were not penetrated, the attackers did gain access to a wide range of data for what appears to be a majority of American adults and some British and Canadian consumers as well.

Social Security numbers and birthdates are particularly sensitive data, giving those who possess them the ingredients for identity fraud and other crimes. Equifax said that it also lost control of an unspecified number of driver’s licenses along with the credit card numbers for 209,000 consumers and credit dispute documents for 182,000 others.

Trump Jr. Says He Wanted Russian Dirt to Determine Clinton’s ‘Fitness’ for Office

Wait, what about russian adoptions?

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump Jr. told Senate investigators on Thursday that he set up a June 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer because he was intrigued that she might have damaging information about Hillary Clinton, saying it was important to learn about Mrs. Clinton’s “fitness” to be president.

But nothing came of the Trump Tower meeting, he said, and he was adamant that he never colluded with the Russian government’s campaign to disrupt last year’s presidential election.

In a prepared statement during an interview with Senate Judiciary Committee investigators, the younger Mr. Trump said he was initially conflicted when he heard that the lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, might have damaging information about Mrs. Clinton. Despite his interest, he said, he always intended to consult with his own lawyers about the propriety of using any information that Ms. Veselnitskaya, who has ties to the Kremlin, gave him at the meeting.

A copy of Mr. Trump’s statement was obtained by The New York Times.

Question of the Day

Thanks to Sarah for today’s QOD:

What’s the most serendipitous thing to happen to you lately?

I was in my local knitting shop and happened to overhear a new customer introduce herself to the proprietor. It was the wife of the couple we bought our house from 20+ years ago! I (re)introduced myself to her and we had a nice chat. It’s always fun to have those chance encounters.

Let me mull my answer over an afternoon walk and I’ll respond in the comments.

Charlotte mayoral candidate reminds voters – she’s white

They aren’t even trying to hide the racism anymore:

A Charlotte mayoral candidate wants people to know that she’s Republican, smart – and white.

“VOTE FOR ME!” Kimberley Paige Barnette posted on Facebook. “REPUBLICAN & SMART, WHITE, TRADITIONAL.”

Barnette, who turned 53 on Friday, is a former Mecklenburg County magistrate making her first run for office.

She could not be immediately reached.

The post drew angry responses on Facebook.

“You are NOT doing conservatives or Republicans any favors,” one man wrote.

In a WTVI debate last month, Barnette criticized last September’s Charlotte protesters. She called the protests “an expression of Democratic behavior.”

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/politics-government/article170742532.html#storylink=cpy