Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks to Amy for sharing pictures of her gorgeous little balls of fur from Australia:

Greetings from Australia 🙂 I have been enjoying your blog for some years now.

I got my two current masters nearly 11 years ago. The orange one is Amber and the black one is Sparky. I don’t know if these pictures will make it in time for Friday though (I get the time zones mixed up sometimes). I don’t think you choose your cats; they choose you.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your blog and I hope all is well with you in the future.


Quebec Offers Texas Relief Support, Sec of State Turns Down Offer and Asks for Prayers Instead

That reminds me, I haven’t done the Daily Ingersoll:

Quebec is offering to help Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and is at the ready for when officials there say they need it, says Minister of International Relations Christine St-Pierre.

St-Pierre says she spoke with Texas Secretary of State Rolando Pablos Tuesday early afternoon, offering to send equipment and crews to help restore power and to provide blankets, beds, pillows and hygienic products.

Above all, St-Pierre said she called to voice Quebec’s concern for Texans caught up in the disaster.

“It was a conversation about how devastating the situation is and we want to express our support to the people of Texas,” she told CBC News.

Pablos declined the aid for now, instead asking for “prayers from the people of Quebec,” the minister said. “He was very touched by the fact we called him.”

This Woman Deserves a Medal

Shoving a microphone in a person’s face when they have more important things to worry about, such as survival, is the lowest form of journalism. I hate when they try to interview a victim of something who is at their lowest point. Disaster porn. I love this woman who doesn’t hold back and puts this “journalist” in her place.

White House Reportedly Has Framed Pictures of Trump’s Hands in Hallway

This really sounds like something so petty and idiotic that it can’t be true. Then you remember that petty and idiotic is the new normal and realize that this probably is true:

Recent White House guests were baffled by rather large and unappetizing photos of the President posted along the hallway leading to the “White House mess” that seem to emphasize the President’s famously little hands.

“If you’re a VIP and you’re visiting the White House, sometimes you’re taken by aides to the White House mess,” explains one of those VIPs. “It’s not the formal dining room or the family dining room. It’s where you might go if you’re lunching with a cabinet member or general.”

We’re told that en route to that room, guests first pass through a hall of stately portraits of past Presidents. But in the final stretch leading to the mess, there’s a series of portraits that seem to focus on President Trump’s hands, including one that our spy says is “by no means a tiny photo,” spotlighting The Donald’s wee mitts, about which he’s very sensitive. In that photo, Trump’s left-hand fingertips are pressed against his right-hand fingertips, both resting atop a shiny executive desk, which reflects that image.

Trump sent pictures and outlines of his hands for 25 years to Vanity Fair’s editor so this sounds like something he would want on the White House walls.

Good News, You Can Open Carry a Sword in Texas Now


AUSTIN — Starting Friday, don’t be alarmed if you see someone walking down the street with a sword.

The Texas Legislature’s “open carry for swords” law goes into effect Sept. 1, but law enforcement officials are telling Texans that they don’t anticipate major troubles.

James McLaughlin Jr., executive director for the Texas Police Chiefs Association, said there’s no question, though, that some people will see someone carrying a large knife or sword and call the police.

“We’ll see if there are any real issues that come up with it. I’m sure we’ll get people calling like they did with the long guns and we’ll go out and talk to them, but I don’t expect much more than people just trying to make a statement,” McLaughlin said.

State Rep. John Frullo’s House Bill 1935 was signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott during the 85th Legislature’s regular session and has been making national headlines ever since. The law will remove most restrictions on carrying large, bladed weapons in public, but also adds a long list of location and age restrictions.

Frullo, a Republican from Lubbock, said he doesn’t understand why his bill has attracted so much public attention. He said he just wants to simplify the current laws for law enforcement.