So I did the dna test.

Going into it I did have some reservations about how accurate they can be but my wife did it a few months ago and her results certainly seemed to be fairly accurate. She is Haitian American and her results came back mostly West African/African Caribbean. So I decided it was worth the 90 bucks to check it out.

Going into it, all the research that my family has done on our genealogy was that we should mostly be Irish/English and French. The results just got back today:

Not too many surprises really. The Italy/Greece one is probably the biggest surprise that’s not in a low confidence region.

Who else has done one of the dna tests? Anything surprising? Feel free to share in the comments!


  1. I did the 23&Me version. I am 99% Euro, the rest is North African and East Asian/Native American. Not really surprised, lots of British Isle (mom’s side are Clan Campbell descendants) and various north European/Scandinavian, dad’s side/my last name trace back to Huguenots and fleeing France for Holland, then to NY/New Amsterdam/NJ in the 1700s. Expected slightly more Native American as the story goes that my great-great-grandmother was Mohawk but was killed by her husband and fed to the hogs, or so family lore goes.

  2. I’d do it, but I already know, since my grandparents were all either immigrants, or were born in the to US to immigrants. I even know the exact percentages of each.

      1. Always a possibility, especially on my Dad’s side: Grandfather: Bohemian & German; Grandmother: English & Irish. Good chance for some Game of Thrones stuff going on somewhere in the past on that side.

  3. I’ve done Family Tree and National Geographic. No surprises, except for NatGeo, where I leanred that I was part Denisovan and a tiny part Neanderthal. Also, solid background in Iran and Greece, but a long, long time ago. One of my daughters did Ancestry, and came back a large part Irish, which did not show up on mine at all, and was not part of my family lore. I just decided to do Ancestry to see what results I get, and am waiting. I think the Irish may be from her father’s side.

  4. I ordered one for a family member for a birthday. My favorite result was the genetic marker for being less likely to sneeze after eating dark chocolate. Also, I have more Neanderthal DNA in me than the average American. I’m a caveman!

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