Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks for Daniela for giving us a distraction from whatever horror Trump is doing at the moment (I’m writing this up Thursday night so I’m not exactly sure what horrors are in store for us tomorrow, but I’m certain there will be horrors) with pictures of her departed furry friend, Gigi.

Cynikitty died a little over a year ago and I’m still not over losing him. I think of him often.


  1. I’m still not over the death of my cat, Shadow, in March 2016. My nightly routine was to sit on the floor and paint as she would lay against my right leg. I did this almost every day for eight years and that void is still prominent in my mind.

    My wife and I have since rescued two cats, but it’s only been a year so while I care for them, it still feels like something is off.

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