At Least 6 Pedestrians Hit by Car Aiming for Anti-Racist Protesters in Charlottesville

From the WaPo:

BREAKING NEWS, 2:33 p.m. At least six pedestrians were struck in a crash involving multiple vehicles in Charlottesville, according to the city government’s Twitter account. Matthew Korbon of Charlottesville said he was standing 10 feet from where the crash happened. He saw a car at high speed rear-end another car, then back up and plow through pedestrians. Charlottesville police said at least three vehicles were involved in the incident.


  1. Be clear, this is terrorism in the eyes of the world.
    Uneducated and unemployed scapegoating minorities is one thing,
    Fascists are quite another.

    Trump’s era is one of failure,
    failure to distance himself from the KKK and its empathisers looks very bad here,
    like 1930’s Germany.

  2. Personally i dont give a fuck about you, the BLM, or the KKK. However the KKK has a right to do their thing just like you. The way i see it, the BLM is nothing more than the black version of the KKK and actually far worst.

    1. Yes, because a group protesting the disproportionate killing of people of color by the police are far worse than a terrorist organization that attacked and killed minorities for over 150 years? Are you even reading what you’re writing?

  3. I live in the UK Doug, rights are different: no guns, no unauthorised protests; maybe good, maybe bad,
    but plough into pedestrians and you would be shot dead in minutes.

    Not caring is fine by the way, until somebody dies.
    My brother lives in the US and it’s hard to see a beautiful country descend to this.

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