• McGee

    Not have Trump as president.

    • There goes like 95% of my material though!

    • Came here to make the same suggestion. Chris, any suckiness here is not your fault, but that of the news available for you to comment on.

  • ange

    I think your blog is fucking awesome!

  • This feels like a trick question, because it’s already pretty good.

    I guess if anything, I’d advocate for more frequent posting?

    • There you are Mac! Hope you’re doing well!

  • I miss the Daily Ingersoll! And Abbi Crutchfield!

  • Been reading your blog for many years now…(the first thing I remember reading here was an article about how shaving cream was pointless), loved it back then and still love it the way it is! Thanks Chris!

    • Thanks Gavin. I still use shaving cream…. So I’ve learned nothing 🙂

  • Marron

    I miss the Ingersoll quotes as well, but I’m generally happy with it. I’m pretty easy to please though…. 😉

  • Dean Booth

    It’s already fine and good.

  • Barbwre

    I, too, have been reading your blog for years, was really unhappy when you quit, thrilled when you resumed blogging. There’s nothing sucky about your blog. Keep up the good work!

  • JD

    I followed you 10+ years ago (god I’m getting old) and still following now that you’ve restarted. This blog is still my “must check” site throughout the day. A return of Friday cat blogging would be a welcome break from the drama surrounding the cheeto-in-chief, otherwise keep it up!

    • Cat pictures are always welcome! I just don’t have any cat pics to post at all. RIP Cynikitty.

  • Personally, I could do without the Vic Berger videos. I know it’s a favorite of yours (and you don’t post them that often), and yes, I just ignore them anyway, but you asked.

  • Enable us to edit our comments, even for just a few minutes after posting

    • I would if I could find a way to do that. I could switch to Discus but last time I asked everyone was in agreement against that.

  • Let’s do stuff together.