Trump: If Price Doesn’t Get Votes For O’Care Repeal, ‘Tom, You’re Fired’

I don’t know why anybody would ever want to work for this monster. And before you say, “he was only joking,” remember that Trump has no sense of humor and does not joke. And even if it is his idea of a joke, it’s a pretty shitty sense of humor for a boss to joke about firing an employee.

President Donald Trump on Monday night appeared to joke about firing Health and Human Service Secretary Tom Price if he does not corral enough votes to get an Obamacare repeal bill through the Senate tomorrow.

“By the way, you’re going to get the votes?” Trump said to Price, who stood beside him onstage at a national Boy Scout event in West Virginia.

“He better get ’em. He better get ’em. Oh, he better,” Trump said, turning back to the crowd. “Otherwise I’ll say, Tom, you’re fired. I’ll get somebody.”

He turned to Price, smiling, then continued.

“He better get Senator Capito to vote for it,” Trump said, referring to Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV). “You’ve got to get the other senators to vote for it. It’s time.”

In a later aside, Trump added: “We could use some more loyalty, I will tell you that.”