I Guess It’s Not the Lowest Moment in American Politics But

In light of the news of John McCain’s cancer, people have been sharing this video as evidence of his decency and integrity:

Good grief! Our political discourse is at such a low point that a video of a Republican correcting one of his dumb-ass racist voters shouting out a conspiracy theory is considered praiseworthy. It’s also a bit cringeworthy when he corrects her assertion that Obama is an Arab by saying, “no no, he’s a decent guy.”

But considering that we basically elected the orange version of that woman to the Presidency maybe I should give him a pass on that.

I’m not a fan of McCain’s politics but I wish him a speedy recovery with the help of our healthcare system so that he may return to the Senate where he can continue to fight alongside the rest of the GOP to take healthcare away from everybody else.


  1. It’s true though, it’s sad that that’s where we are politically today. I do give him credit because a lot of other politicians would have just let her speak her Obama smear and simply *not disagree* with her. What he did isn’t exceptional for a human being, but it’s well above bar for a politician.

  2. That kind of politics is fading.
    Here in the UK too, facts are no longer currency.
    Brexit is the new madness and everyone is meant to get on board.
    Looks like our reality is set to be as disappointing as yours.

  3. McCain gave us Sarah Palin, helping to bolster the rise of stupid as a force in American politics, getting us where we are now. He is a craven self serving war monger just like the worst of American politicians. I don’t wish suffering on anyone, but lets not politely ignore the damage that he is responsible for.

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