1. you missed a hell of a lot of bad writing, annoying female manic pixie dream girls, and badly-motivated monsters.

    Although, when Capaldi showed up there were a bunch of “angry old man” episodes which were great. His companion for a short while had an affair with a guy who was the best-written character we’ve seen since The Face of Boe side-story.

    I miss Tennant so much, he was such a fantastic doctor and had the best writing supporting him. He and Donna had such amazing chemistry.

  2. I think this last season with Capaldi was great – felt a lot like Doctor and Donna, just a real good friendship and some good writing. The start of the Capaldi era was dealing with Clara still being a companion which I don’t really care for her character. Matthew Smith’s doctor was great with the Amy and Rory stories. I am mostly looking forward to whinging about a female doctor from those that probably loved seeing a female ‘Master’ in Missy (Michelle Gomez) the past two series.

  3. I stopped watching late in Matt Smiths run. I was so excited about Moffat taking the helm, but he turned out to be an awful show runner. For a good critique of his tenure see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkoGBOs5ecM
    Eccleston was my favorite modern doctor, the most sincerely unhinged. I’m more excited about Moffat leaving to be honest.

  4. I’m looking forward to the new episodes as I think it was time they shake it up a bit.
    Matt Smith, was not bad and got to like him more over time (but not quite as likeable as David Tenant).
    Capaldi, obviously has talent but the episodes were not gelling so well with me personally (weather it was more the new character or the writing I’m not 100% sure) and I gave up after a few.

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