The Week Ahead

Trump will tweet some crazy bullshit within the next few minutes. The words “fake news,” “witch hunt,” “crooked hillary,” and a bonus one that we haven’t seen yet. Then, between 4 to 7pm there will be some breaking news of something that has been leaked or a desperate move by a president becoming more paranoid by the second. The short money is on Rosenstein recusing himself this week. I’ve been known to gamble a bit and I’ll put some money down on Trump doing something out there like firing Mueller.

Any predictions Cynics?


  1. I’m going to bet on terrorism in the US.

    The UK has just had another incident, third in a month.
    This time a white guy ploughed into Muslims with a van.

    This after many Muslims, the poor and needy, were burnt to death,
    as a whole skyscraper went up in flames.

    It’s been quite a month here.

  2. Will our Grand and Exalted Leader come out in condemnation of the reprisal terrorist attack/hate crime in the UK last night, or will he just blame it on radical Islam?

  3. I want to bet on a reversal of some widely accepted policy/rule/agreement, something along the lines of a fuck the Paris agreement or a fuck Cuba. Maybe fuck any future press briefings? Fuck White House tours? I’d don’t know, but he’ll fuck something.

  4. Five will get you ten he’ll have claimed to have wrestled and beat Bigfoot whilst at Camp David. “Sasquatch lost hugely. Hairy. Smelly. Sad.”

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