The Week Ahead

Trump will tweet some crazy bullshit within the next few minutes. The words “fake news,” “witch hunt,” “crooked hillary,” and a bonus one that we haven’t seen yet. Then, between 4 to 7pm there will be some breaking news of something that has been leaked or a desperate move by a president becoming more paranoid by the second. The short money is on Rosenstein recusing himself this week. I’ve been known to gamble a bit and I’ll put some money down on Trump doing something out there like firing Mueller.

Any predictions Cynics?

  • mike

    I’m going to bet on terrorism in the US.

    The UK has just had another incident, third in a month.
    This time a white guy ploughed into Muslims with a van.

    This after many Muslims, the poor and needy, were burnt to death,
    as a whole skyscraper went up in flames.

    It’s been quite a month here.

  • McGee

    Will our Grand and Exalted Leader come out in condemnation of the reprisal terrorist attack/hate crime in the UK last night, or will he just blame it on radical Islam?

  • Justin

    I want to bet on a reversal of some widely accepted policy/rule/agreement, something along the lines of a fuck the Paris agreement or a fuck Cuba. Maybe fuck any future press briefings? Fuck White House tours? I’d don’t know, but he’ll fuck something.

  • Cornjob

    Five will get you ten he’ll have claimed to have wrestled and beat Bigfoot whilst at Camp David. “Sasquatch lost hugely. Hairy. Smelly. Sad.”