Mueller Investigating Trump for Obstruction of Justice

Here we go. Remember how last week after Comey’s testimony, the GOP was crowing about Comey saying that Trump was not under investigation?

Washington (CNN)Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice, The Washington Post reported Wednesday evening.
Mueller is interviewing as early as this week three top intelligence officials as part of the probe, the Post reported, citing “five people briefed on the requests.”
The three officials the Post says Mueller is interviewing are Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers and Richard Ledgett, the recently retired deputy NSA director.
It is the most significant sign that Mueller’s investigation is extending beyond questions of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

The news came the same week as Trump friend Chris Ruddy floated the possibility that Trump would fire Mueller, who was appointed to head up the investigation after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

Progression of a Beginner Pianist

This is a video capturing my piano experience over a period of 18 months in a diary/journal-like format. I recorded my thoughts in each instance of the video as the months progressed. I originally started piano when I discovered Animenz channel and became obsessed with his music.

*The first 2 months were specifically difficult, having no prior experience.
*From 2-4 months were incredibly fun, I was learning a lot of new things and experimenting with my new found knowledge.
*Though from 4-6 months my interest had died down and I became bored as a result I stopped playing as much, therefore, stopped improving.
*I got back into it around the end of the 6th month and have had a blast ever since.

Every Woman is Hysterical

Jason Miller, that’s the guy who has a goatee framing his Trump-hole, thinks that Kalama Harris was having a fit of hysteria because she asked Sessions questions during the hearing. I watched the entire hearing yesterday. Harris was asking Sessions what policy he was following when he said he couldn’t discuss matters because even though Trump didn’t invoke Exec Privilege, he could do so at a later point so he was following covfefe.

Kirsten Powers isn’t having any of that shit.

I Don’t Suppose

that the congressional shooting that happened this morning will have any effect on stricter gun control laws. Any rational country should sit down and say, “Maybe we should make it harder to buy a gun than buying Sudafed.” But we live in a country that elected Trump so I suppose the next GOP congressional baseball game will allow for holsters as part of the uniform.

I haven’t been on Twitter yet but who will be the first hack to blame this on Kathy Griffin?