Meanwhile in England

Theresa May and the Conservatives had a bit of a rough night.

WATFORD, England — Jeremy Corbyn’s opposition Labour Party may have come in second in the British election on Thursday, but the results amount to a stunning triumph for a far-left leader who many believed was headed for political oblivion.

Official results showed Labour gaining seats as the Conservatives fought to maintain a majority. The outcome was a testament to Corbyn’s remarkable campaign, which turned around expectations that Theresa May, the Conservative prime minister, would demolish his party.

[British election exit poll points to unexpected trouble for May that could test her hold on power]

As of 5 a.m., a projection based on official results for the majority of districts put the Conservatives in first place, with 318 seats in the 650-member Parliament, but indicated that May’s party would fail to win a majority. Labour was forecast to win 262 seats, a gain of dozens of seats.

Let the celebrations begin: