Trump’s Next Step

One of Trump’s favorite philosophy is that when you are being attacked, you never go on defense but just counterattack as hard and as low as you can go, damn the consequences. He’s been consistent about this. Rosie O’Donnell criticizes him about some Miss USA thing and he spends the next few years lobbing fat jokes her way. The Access Hollywood tapes come out and he brings Bill Clinton’s accusers to his debate against Hillary. Comey’s firing sets off a controversy and he then tweets an implied threat to Comey about “tapes”. That tweet is especially damning since if there were no recordings, he just created a whirlwind of suspicion pointed at himself and if there are recordings then he alerted us all to some physical evidence that can be subpoenaed. The only thing that tweet did was create publicity which is really the only thing in life Trump is actually good at.

My guess is that Trump’s reaction to this latest Flynn development is to start lashing out hard and lower than before. Trump is not going to go off quietly into the night like Nixon. The real fireworks will begin when Trump senses the GOP backing away from him. He hates anything he perceives as disloyalty. May have to dust off my popcorn.gif for this. (Or this could just all fade away in the next few weeks like the Access Hollywood tape.)