Comey/Russian Thread

There’s a lot going on so just going to put them in this thread to keep track of them.

Russian State Media Gets Access To White House Meeting While U.S. Press Kept Out. Now that the investigation is headless and practically dead, why not just put on a fur hat and gulp vodka?

On the morning after President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, he met with Russia’s foreign minister in the White House.

The Wednesday meeting was especially newsworthy given the timing and circumstances, with Comey having reportedly just asked for more resources to investigate Trump associates’ ties to Russia and the earlier conclusion of the U.S. intelligence community that Vladimir Putin’s government interfered in the presidential election to boost Trump.

The White House declared the meeting with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to be closed press, meaning that reporters couldn’t attend and cover independently.

But one outlet did get in: TASS, a Russian state media organization.

In addition, Russia’s foreign ministry quickly distributed photos of the Trump meeting with Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. And the Russian embassy even tweeted a shot of the president and Kislyak.

Alex Jones And Roger Stone Want Trump To Prosecute His Critics Now That Comey Is Gone :

Today far-right host Alex Jones interviewed Roger Stone, an informal adviser to President Trump, about the president’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, where they promptly contradicted the White House’s official story behind Comey’s termination.

While celebrating Comey’s ouster, the two agreed that the administration must now go after Democratic critics of Trump before they attempt to overthrow the government.

“They’re a clear and present danger running around inside our country,” Jones said. “I’m not calling for authoritarianism—they’re an authoritarian threat. We need the attorney general to go after the Clintons, to go after Obama, to go after them all. If they want a war, they need to get one.”

He added: “They’re coming after America with everything they’ve got, trying to destroy us. They’re the criminals. Let’s let them have it! We have nothing to lose by running over these people!”

Stone agreed, saying that Democrats are trying to dislodge Trump just as they forced the resignation of Richard Nixon. He urged Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Republicans in Congress to investigate the Clinton family, while also warning that “there is an active cabal” determined to declare Trump “insane and remove him under the 25th Amendment.”

McConnell rejects calls for special prosecutor. If you’re shocked by this then you haven’t been paying attention:

Republicans are giving President Donald Trump a pass for his surprise decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, even though a number of GOP senators appeared uncomfortable defending the president’s timing amid a brewing investigation into his administration’s ties to Russia.

After a flurry of GOP statements Tuesday night criticizing Trump for axing Comey so suddenly, there were no new Republican calls on Wednesday for a special prosecutor or select committee to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections or possible collusion with the Trump campaign. In fact, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) on Wednesday forcefully rejected calls for an independent prosecutor or commission.

Students boo Betsy DeVos as commencement speaker at historically black university

From The Washington Post:

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Students booed at Bethune-Cookman University in Florida Wednesday as Education Secretary Betsy DeVos gave the keynote address at the historically black school’s commencement Wednesday afternoon.

Many students and alumni had objected to having DeVos as speaker in part because they said the outreach by President Trump and the education secretary to historically black colleges is an empty gesture. But the president of the university defended her work as a philanthropist and her commitment to education.

Graduates came in smiling, many with flowers and other decorations plastered on their mortar boards, and listened to the ceremony politely, until university President Edison Jackson introduced Omarosa Manigault, an adviser to Trump. Students started booing. Jackson stopped, then said: “You don’t know her. You don’t know her story.”

They booed loudly as he introduced DeVos to give her an honorary doctorate as well. When she began speaking, thanking Jackson, the auditorium erupted with boos. DeVos had to raise her voice as she thanked the moms attending the ceremony.

About half the graduates turned their backs on her. Shouts continued as she spoke loudly, saying that one of the hallmarks of higher education and democracy is the ability to converse with and learn from those with whom they disagree.