FCC to investigate, ‘take appropriate action’ on Colbert’s Trump rant

From The Hill:

Late night talk show host Stephen Colbert’s controversial joke about President Trump drew the attention of the Federal Communications Commission. The agency received “a number” of complaints about Colbert’s commentary earlier in the week, according to the FCC’s chief.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai promised to “take the appropriate action” following a comprehensive investigation of Colbert’s remarks.

The FCC’s response will depend on whether Colbert’s remarks are considered “obscene.”

“We are going to take the facts that we find and we are going to apply the law as it’s been set out by the Supreme Court and other courts and we’ll take the appropriate action,” he told Talk Radio 1210 WPHT Thursday.

“Traditionally, the agency has to decide, if it does find a violation, what the appropriate remedy should be,” he said. “A fine, of some sort, is typically what we do.”

Broadcast television is governed by different rules depending on the time of day, Pai said Wednesday, prior to viewing Colbert’s comments.

The FCC flags speech it considers “indecent” before 10 p.m., he told Fox Business Network, and looks for “obscene” content after that point. Colbert’s “The Late Show” airs at 11:35 p.m. ET on CBS.

Question of the Day

Does ANYBODY actually like the healthcare bill that the house shit out yesterday?  Anybody besides Twitler (fairly certain he doesn’t have a clue what’s in it, nor does he care) at least. I know the GOP is spinning it hard but they also don’t seem to know what’s in the bill. 

If you come across anybody who is loving it, please post a link to them. I’m not finding anyone (not that I was looking hard).

Trump Praises Australian Universal Health Care

Here’s the really weird part about Trump. In his stream of consciousness remarks, he almost always does say something true before dancing back and contradicting himself while spewing out enough bullshit to fertilized a cornfield. It’s just so maddening at this point.

Honestly, I don’t really think Trump gives a pussy grab about health care whatsoever except that he can’t stand that the ACA is associated with Obama. Given that he just wants to undo everything Obama has done, more so out of narcissistic reasons than policy, and that the GOP is dying to kill it, Trump is more than happy to go along with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just recently learned what ACA even means.