The Republican health plan still has an exemption for legislators’ insurance

Obamacare for them, Trumpcare for the rest of us:

House Republicans will vote on a health care bill today that lets states get rid of some of Obamacare’s requirements, such as preventing insurers from charging people higher prices based on preexisting conditions — but it keeps those protections in place for insurance plans that cover members of Congress and their staff.

The loophole would mean that legislators could keep certain Obamacare protections — including the protections for preexisting conditions and a requirement to cover “essential health benefits” — that states could relax for other insurance plans covering Obamacare enrollees.

The loophole was first included in an amendment to the American Health Care Act offered by Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-NJ) last week. After Vox reported on the exemption, MacArthur offered legislation to fix it and make Congress subject to the same rules as the rest of health law enrollees.

A leadership aide says the House will vote on the bill to close the loophole today, around the same time they vote on the American Health Care Act.

The bill to fix the exemption, however, would need 60 votes to pass the Senate and overcome a filibuster. Congressional Republicans do not believe they can run that bill through the reconciliation process that they will use for the overall health care bill, which only need 51 votes to pass.