House GOP To Pull Trigger On Obamacare Repeal Vote

From TPM:

After eight years of railing against the Affordable Care Act, dozens of toothless repeal votes, and weeks of struggling to put together a viable alternative despite controlling every lever of government, Republicans in Congress said Wednesday that they have finally secured the votes needed to pass their own health care overhaul.

The final bill text has not been released to the public or to lawmakers, and there has been no independent analysis of the cost or impact on health coverage. Yet the House will forge ahead with a vote this week.

The clincher appears to be an amendment proposed by Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) that provides an additional $8 billion over five years for states to subsidize high-risk insurance pools for people with pre-existing conditions. Upton shocked GOP leaders by coming out against the bill this week, as did staunch Trump ally Rep. Billy Long (R-MO), but the votes of the two influential members were won back with the $8 billion amendment.

French Election on Sunday

Macron is beating the Trumpian Le Pen by about 10 points in the polls which sounds like an easy win. Right? Not so fast. This is starting to feel like déjà vu:

The majority of supporters of the hard-left French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon will abstain or spoil their ballot papers in Sunday’s second round, according to the results of a consultation of members of his France Unbowed movement.

About 450,000 of his supporters were asked to say whether they would abstain, spoil their ballots or support Emmanuel Macron in the second round runoff this Sunday. Voting for the other candidate, he Front National’s Marine Le Pen, was not an option.

The results, released on Tuesday afternoon, showed that of more than 243,000 Mélenchon supporters who responded, 87,818 (36.1%) intended to spoil their vote, 84,682 (34.8%) planned to support Macron and 70,628 (29%) would not turn out for the second round. The figures suggest a total of 65% will not vote for Macron.

Yes, yes, it sucks when your candidate doesn’t win. But can we please stop getting over our disappointments by selecting the worst case scenario?