YouTube star DaddyOFive loses custody of kids after complaints over ‘prank’ videos

I really, really hate Youtube prank channels. I’m not a huge fan of pranks to begin with but the lengths that some of these YouTubers will go to and prank an unsuspecting family member or stranger leaves me with less faith in humanity than the level I’m already at. Which is pretty fucking low enough. Then, this channel is brought to my attention:

The videos that made Mike Martin a YouTube star have apparently caused him to lose custody of his kids.

Martin, aka DaddyOFive, and his wife Heather Martin, were the targets of a children’s welfare investigation after a rash of complaints came from viewers of their YouTube channel regarding the pair’s treatment of his kids, 9-year-old Cody and 12-year-old Emma.

According to Mashable, the children are now living with their biological mother Rose Hall. In a video posted Monday, Hall said the kids were “doing good.”

The custody change came after complaints poured in online about DaddyOFive’s popular videos that showed the Martins pulling pranks, which were deemed vicious by some people, at the expense of the kids. The channel had about 763,000 subscribers as of May 2.

Their videos have been deleted but this vlogger has a fairly good rundown. The clips he runs from the DaddyOFive channel are really difficult to watch. Not only are the pranks downright emotionally abusive but the way the turn their children on each other is some really shitty Lord of the Flies type of stuff with chortling parents behind a camera as the kids beat each other to a pulp.