55-year-old First-time Voter Who Chose Trump Protests Large Increase in Health Costs

Woman surprised that her health insurance may be in danger after voting for the first time ever for the wealthy man who stoked the flames of racism, mocked disabled reporters, boasted about sexual assault and vowed to take away her health insurance.

I’ve lost all patience with this level of stupidity. It’s become very difficult for me to be concerned for their health and well-being given that they voted in November against their own damn interests.

After voting for the first time at the age of 55, for Donald Trump, Martha Brawley is worried that the main issue that brought her to the polls, health insurance coverage, is going to become worse.

Brawley, a resident of Monroe, North Carolina, said she fears the new Republican health insurance bill will significantly raise her premiums.

“I’m 55. This is the first time in my life I voted, and I voted for Trump hoping that he would change the insurance so I could get good health care,” she told ABC News. “I might as well have not voted.”

She first spoke to The New York Times about her concern that she would receive thousands of dollars less in assistance, as tax credits, to help her buy health care coverage under the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA), dubbed “Trumpcare.”

Brawley reportedly receives approximately $8,688 in health care subsidies per year to pay for insurance, but under the proposed bill, she would receive $3,500 a year in tax credits, according to the Times.