Question of the Night

Read anything good lately?

I still have been using GoodReads to keep track of the books I’ve been reading. I think the best feature of it which I seem to use the most is keeping track of books I want to read. I’m making a conscientious effort to get that list down this year (I think it’s almost below 60 at the moment)before adding anything more to it. Some of the books have been on that list for a few years now. I’ve read 18 books so far, most of which aren’t worth mentioning, but I’ll list the few that have blown me away so far.

Crawlspace by Herbert Lieberman. I went into this book thinking it would just be a cheap horror novel (I’m not even sure how it ended up on my To Read list) and it ended up being fantastic and completely not what I expected. It’s definitely bizarre and may not be to everybody’s liking but I found it very original and kept me guessing.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X. A book I have always had on my To Read list but one I just haven’t gotten around to reading. Definitely a must read and Alex Haley does an amazing job creating a narrative from his interviews with Malcolm X. I ended up not agreeing with a lot of Malcolm X’s beliefs, but could certainly see how he arrived to them given the time period.

Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys. A fictionalized telling of a German maritime disaster at the end of World War 2 told through the vantage point of four separate characters. Extraordinary writing, fascinating characters and it ends much too quickly.

Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger. This one is a bit of a cheat since I haven’t finished it yet. I’m about 60% done. Having said that, even if the rest of the novel is just the word “cockspackle” written over and over again for 140 pages, I’ll still put it in the list of best books I have read so far this year. It’s a book I started reading and didn’t think I would be in the mood for. How many more books about 1960s nostalgia can be written? But this one has characters that you want to spend some time with. Wonderful writing, a plot that keeps you guessing, and characters with depth. Yes please.