Popular Children’s Book Author From Australia Detained and Interrogated at LAX

From The Advertiser:

AUSTRALIA’S best-loved children’s author, Mem Fox, was left sobbing and shaken after being detained for two hours and aggressively interrogated by immigration officials at Los Angeles airport.

Fox says she’s unlikely to ever travel to the United States again after being made to feel like “a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay”.

President Donald Trump had created the climate for this sort of behaviour, she said, adding: “This is what happens when extremists take power.”

En route to Milwaukee for a conference on February 9, where she was to deliver the opening keynote address at a literacy conference, Fox was ushered into an airport holding room and told she was travelling on the wrong visa. This was incorrect and the US Embassy in Canberra has since apologised. Fox, 70, said that by the time she checked in to her hotel she was shaking and sobbing.

“I am old and white, innocent and educated, and I speak English fluently,” she said. “Imagine what happened to the others in the room, including an old Iranian woman in her 80s, in a wheelchair.

“The way I was treated would have made any decent American shocked to the core, because that’s not America as a whole, it really isn’t. It’s just that people have been given permission to let rip in a fashion that is alarming.”

DHS Report Casts Doubt on Need for Trump Travel Ban

Which just seems pretty obvious to non-orange small-handed vulgarians everywere:

A Department of Homeland Security report assessing the terrorist threat posed by people from the seven countries covered by President Trump’s travel ban casts doubt on the necessity of the executive order, concluding that citizenship is an “unreliable” threat indicator and that people from the seven countries have rarely been implicated in U.S.-based terrorism.

The document — first reported by the Associated Press and later confirmed to the Washington Post — relies on public materials, and a Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman said it was “clear on its face that it is an incomplete product.” Still, it could prove another hurdle in the administration’s effort to restore the travel ban, undermining the White House’s argument that the measure is necessary for national security reasons.

And the orange small-handed vulgarian has rejected the report.

Trump Says His Friend “Jim” Declares Paris to be Unsafe

Does he not realize when he says stuff like this he is alienating us from our closest allies? Also, Paris has barely any violent crime, especially when compared to any major city in the US. Everything Trump says, when he isn’t praising himself, consists of fearmongering. What a hateful, pathetic man:

President Trump and his friend “Jim” may have a little explaining to do.

Speaking at a conservative political conference near Washington on Friday, Trump invoked Jim, no last name provided, to illustrate what has happened to France as a result of terrorism. The president suggested that his friend had stopped his regular travel to Paris because it “is no longer Paris.”

“Take a look at Nice and Paris,” Trump said, as he began to weave the yarn. “I have a friend, he’s a very, very substantial guy. He loves the City of Lights, he loves Paris.

“For years every year during the summer, he would go to Paris. It was automatic with him and his family,” the president continued from the Conservative Political Action Conference stage at National Harbor in Maryland. “Hadn’t seen him in a while, and I said, ‘Jim let me ask you a question: How’s Paris doing?’”

Jim replied, according to the president: “Paris? I don’t go there anymore. Paris is no longer Paris.”

The moral of the story, Trump said, was that what is happening in Paris shouldn’t be allowed to happen in the United States. Without naming it, Trump implied that terrorist attacks in Nice and Paris in the last several years have changed the cities, perhaps making them unsafe.

“That was four years — four, five years, hasn’t gone there,” Trump added. “He wouldn’t miss it for anything, now he doesn’t even think in terms of going there.

Muhammad Ali Jr. Detained by Immigration at Fla. Airport

From the Courier Journal:

The son of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali was detained for hours by immigration officials at a Florida airport, a family friend told the Courier-Journal.

Muhammad Ali Jr., 44, and his mother Khalilah Camacho-Ali, the first wife of Muhammad Ali, were arriving at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on Feb. 7 after returning from speaking at a Black History Month event in Montego Bay, Jamaica. They were pulled aside while going through customs because of their Arabic-sounding names, according to family friend and lawyer Chris Mancini.

Immigration officials let Camacho-Ali go after she showed them a photo of herself with her ex-husband, but her son did not have such a photo and wasn’t as lucky. Mancini said officials held and questioned Ali Jr. for nearly two hours, repeatedly asking him, “Where did you get your name from?” and “Are you Muslim?”

When Ali Jr. responded that yes, he is a Muslim, the officers kept questioning him about his religion and where he was born. Ali Jr. was born in Philadelphia in 1972 and holds a U.S. passport.

White House Bars CNN/NY Times/ LA Times and Others from Briefing

Breitbart was more than welcome though.

On Friday, the White House barred several media outlets from attending a meeting with press secretary Sean Spicer. Among those barred were CNN, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Politico, BuzzFeed and others, while the Associated Press and Time did not attend in protest.

Cable news networks NBC, ABC and Fox News were permitted to attend, as were Breitbart and the Washington Times.

The move was widely decried by journalists, who blasted the administration’s “authoritarian” decision and called on media organizations to stand in solidarity with the outlets barred from attendance.