1. Well, these look delicious. Too bad they’re also loaded with carbs and I’d eat every single one of them in one sitting; otherwise I’d make them.

  2. I hope they came out delicious and that you and the Mrs. enjoyed every savory bite! Fuck the carbs. I also hope every part of making and eating took your mind off the nonsense that has become our mostly distressing day to day. Even for a little while.

    1. I’m currently in the midst of a cancer scare (had blood tests yesterday and ultrasound today)….yet I’m still resisting the urge to make these….for now.

      If I come back positive for lymphoma, I’m getting drunk and carbing out.

    1. Chef John was my introduction to cooking for the family a few years back (the baked chicken parmesan is still a staple), and I’m surprised that I missed these as I also started my bread baking with his ciabatta loaf. These are now on the menu for tomorrow. Thanks!

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