Disarray in the White House and Trump Didn’t Know The Details of his Putting Bannon on the NSC

This article in the NY Times about the confusion in the White House sounds about right given the mess we have seen so far. But deep inside it is this paragraph:

Mr. Priebus bristles at the perception that he occupies a diminished perch in the West Wing pecking order compared with previous chiefs. But for the moment, Mr. Bannon remains the president’s dominant adviser, despite Mr. Trump’s anger that he was not fully briefed on details of the executive order he signed giving his chief strategist a seat on the National Security Council, a greater source of frustration to the president than the fallout from the travel ban.

This morning’s tweet from our pathetic leader:

Looks like someone is getting a bit insecure about Bannon’s place (puppet master) in the administration.

I was just talking to some people about this yesterday about how Trump, who is very sensitive to what celebrities/media, etc. say about him, is going to react to how people are portraying Bannon as the real President who puts Donald in his crib with his phone to tweet nonsense as Bannon makes policy. Trump seems to feel that he needs Bannon, but his ego is going to get the better of him at some point. How does this end?