RIP Kev From Nothing to do With Arbroath

This is terribly sad news. Nothing to do With Arbroath was a blog I used to follow long ago before I quit blogging. I hadn’t been keeping up with it over the past year or two and just found out from Miss Cellania’s blog that the author, Kev, passed away from cancer recently:

In an interview years ago, Alex Santoso of Neatorama was asked what he considered the most important blog on the internet. He replied that it was Nothing To Do With Arbroath (“of course!”). Sadly, we will no longer have that resource updated daily.

The anonymous British blogger who only went by Kev quit his daily posting on November 24 due to poor health. He was eventually hospitalized and diagnosed with cancer. His many readers and fans wanted to help in some way, but Kev always guarded his privacy, and was too proud to accept help. He never revealed where he lived, or even his last name. His last post was on January 16. About a week ago his cousin in Canada left a comment that Kev had passed away.