How Has Trump Destroyed the Country Since I Last Checked the News?

He’s rolling back Wall Street reform. Because it’s been at least 8 years since they’ve been able to fuck up the economy again:

President Trump plans to sign an executive order on Friday to ease regulations put in place after the 2008 financial crisis to rein in Wall Street, according to a White House spokesperson.

The move would address another one of Trump’s campaign promises: Dismantling 2010’s financial reform legislation, known as Dodd Frank. The legislation forced banks to take various steps to prevent another financial crisis, including holding more capital and taking yearly “stress tests” to prove they could withstand economic turbulence. The financial industry, particularly its small community banks, complained the rules went too far.

Trump also intends to sign a separate presidential memorandum to roll back the Labor Department’s rules that would require financial professionals to put their clients’ interests ahead of their own. The “fiduciary rule,” scheduled to go into effect in April, has long been a target of Republicans, including a close Trump Wall Street ally Anthony Scaramucci, who call it burdensome and costly.

Kellyanne Conway makes up a story about a Bowling Green massacre by jihadists. I’m not sure why they even bother interviewing her any longer. At least have someone standing by to fact check every single word that comes out her mouth. Has she ever said anything factual? (Alternative factual doesn’t count)

And the Washington Post noticed that Trump’s administration is made up of nearly all white men.

In his first two weeks, Donald Trump has sought to project the image of a new president moving quickly to enact his agenda.

He has surrounded himself in a series of photo ops with his most trusted senior aides as he signs a flurry of executive orders, visits government agencies and calls world leaders from the Oval Office.

But if the images from the White House aim to show a man of action, they also have delivered another unspoken message in the early days of the new administration: Most of the aides Trump relies on for counsel as he moves to dramatically reshape the country are men — and nearly all of them are white.

It’s a sharp change from the past eight years of the barrier-breaking Obama administration, and one that has reinforced the feeling among Trump’s critics that a narrow, anachronistic worldview is driving an agenda they consider hostile to women and minorities.