Friday Guest Cat Blogging

From Rob:

Hello Chris,
Thanks for your site! I have been a reader since maybe 2004/05, and you were my connection back to the States when I lived in China.

This chill fellow is Whispy, and he is the coolest cat I have ever met. He loves everyone, including the dog, who he learned a lot of mannerisms from (we got him from the pound at 12 weeks old, and the dog is his adopted mom). My son set up the picture, and please don’t judge me from the bud lime – it was leftover from a potluck.

Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

From Pat:

It’s Friday! I hope you will enjoy these photos of our two cats, Black Cat and Bad Cat.

Black Cat’s proper title is Opium Death-Blossom. Here, she creates a pleasing artistic arrangement with an oriental rug.

This is our other black cat, (Huài M?o), in a rare moment of sitting still.
I am sure he wishes you a happy lunar new year, filled with roosters.

I never owned a black cat until recently. We adopted both of them as strays from friends at different times, and by coincidence they are both black, but they are very different. She is easygoing, round, soft and shy and sedentary. He is energetic, wiry, alert, assertive, and imagines himself as quite the hunter.