Some Scenes From Airports After Trump’s Monstrous Executive Order


  1. Awesome! I love Elizabeth Warren, and am so glad to see the solidarity in stamping down this insane executive order. Now… the hard work begins. I’m sure Trump will fight first thing monday morning to get the executive order reinstated and found to be constitutional – that’s going to be the hard work. I know, in the past, the Supreme Court has deferred to the White House and to Congress on matters of immigration. Here’s hoping they don’t defer this time, and do the right thing.

  2. America’s greatest shame is, and always will be, slavery. It’s second greatest shame is the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. I fear we are on the verge of a third Great Shame….and it’s up to us REAL Americans, the ones who actually believe in the Constitution, to stand up and do what we can to prevent this stain from existing during our lifetime.

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