Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks so much to Rich for sending in a picture of his cat. This is the best thing that I’ve seen all week. (Granted, that’s not saying much considering all the news coming from DC at the moment..)

Send me an email at with your cats! (Or even if you just want to say hi).

Hi Chris,

Been a fan of your blog since the beginning (2003?) – I don’t comment all that often, but if I do, I use the screen name Oppledot. I have submitted once before when you asked people to send in their favorite coffee mug. I sent you my Marvin the Martian mug, and it was fun to see it posted!

This is Joe – he adopted me when I found him at the Humane Society in Minneapolis in 1998. He had just been weaned from his Mother. Over the years, Joe has lived in multiple locations in 2 States, been an indoor and outdoor cat, and has had so many adventures – any other cat would be very envious.

This Spring Joe will turn 19 years old (the picture was taken in 2008). He is in his twilight years for sure. His eyesight is 90% gone, if not completely, he has thinned down considerably and is the most finicky eater.

I could go on for pages about how much this guy has affected most of my adult life – he will be gravely missed when he decides that enough is enough.

Fun fact – He is polydactyl – 27 toes, making his front paws two of the best mouse-catchers I have ever seen. A true Hemingway Cat!



and Joe (AKA – Bubbles, Bubba, BeeBoo, JoeJoe, and “Ouch, that hurts when you bite my chin!!”)

Wait, Who?

I admit it. I have no fucking clue who Gregg Phillips is. To the googles:

As of right now, however, releasing the names is the plan, said Phillips, who identifies himself on Twitter as the founder of a voter-fraud reporting app.

On Monday, Trump told congressional leaders he believed 3 million to 5 million people illegally voted in November. A day later, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Trump’s belief was “based on studies and evidence people have presented to him.”

That “evidence” could include the data Phillips claimed to have a week after the election, which gained legendary viral notoriety on the right. The Washington Post’s Philip Bump called Phillips’ tweet “Donald Trump’s new explanation for losing the popular vote” back in November.

Here’s the problem: No one has seen any of the data, nor the algorithm Phillips and his group have put it through, let alone confirmed if it’s even possible for any part of it to be true.

Days after Phillips claimed, without providing any evidence, there had been 3 million illegal voters, Trump wrote, “If the election were based on total popular vote I would have campaigned in N.Y. Florida and California and won even bigger and more easily.”

So Trump is just listening to some random fan who has no evidence whatsoever to back up these claims. Is America Great Again yet?