Yahoo to Change Name to Altaba


Internet search engine Yahoo, once the US’s most popular website, is to be rebranded as Altaba, and the company’s chief executive Marissa Mayer is to step down if a $4.8bn deal with Verizon goes ahead.

Ms Mayer, along with Yahoo co-founder David Filo, and four other board members, will all leave the embattled group if the deal goes through, an SEC filing has revealed.


  1. If you read into this, Yahoo will remain as a brand. The company that currently owns Yahoo also owns Alibaba stock, and that’s the part that’s going to change names. It’ll happen like this:

    1 – Yahoo owns Alibaba stock, but Yahoo is losing money because they’re stupid.
    2 – Yahoo sells off everything but the Alibaba stock to Verizon, all that remains is the stock for Alibaba.
    3 – The holding company that has the stock renames itself to Altaba
    4 – Verizon now owns the brand name of Yahoo, which is still worth something.
    5 – Yahoo remains a holding company for it’s various internet properties (yahoo search, tumblr, flickr, et al)

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