Trump is Really Excited that The Apprentice’s Ratings are Down

His tweets are so WTF that it’s even difficult to figure out where to begin criticizing them. For example, he’s happy that the first episode of the Apprentice with Arnold did poorly, despite the fact that he should have more important things to be going over (is he spending more time looking at ratings then intelligence briefings?) and he is EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of the damn show. So his ego is so YUGE that he doesn’t mind if the show that he is executive producer of is tanking as long as the person who took over for him does poorly? Yeah, that’s reassuring considering he is now president.

Also, I guess it never would go through his head that perhaps the reason why the ratings are down is because nobody feels like watching a show that has his pussygrabbing fingerprints all over it.

Also, YOU ARE FUCKING PRESIDENT NOW! STOP BEING SO GODDAMN PETTY AND RUN th… oh fuck it. I can’t even complete a thought at the moment. We’re living in strange times.