Real Housewives of ISIS

Some people are upset about this sketch. (Not me. I laughed.)

Joking about the Islamic State can be a dangerous matter.

A BBC comedy show featuring a sketch called “The Real Housewives of ISIS” has come under fire for trivializing the very real issue of Jihadi brides.

The sketch, lampooning the Real Housewives TV series and posted online Tuesday to promote the show Revolting, features four British women in hijabs discussing their new life in the Islamic State.

One scene sees one of the characters modeling her new outfit: a suicide vest. “Oh babe, you look gorgeous!” says a friend, before telling the camera: “She looked massive. You’re gonna need a lot of Semtex to kill that one.”

Another shows a character explaining that it’s “only three days to the beheading, and I’ve no idea what I’m going to wear.”

Perhaps predictably, the response from social media was less than enthusiastic. Many said it was “distasteful” when there were many cases of British girls under the age of 18 who had been groomed online and lured to the Islamic State.