Friday Guest Cat Blogging

I’m traveling today and will be back early next week. Have a safe weekend everyone. If you would like me to post a picture of your cat for next Friday, send submissions to

From Maggie:

Christmas and New Year’s greetings, Chris!

Here is my submission for your guest cat series. These cats are my family of ferals. When this photo was taken, the kittens were about a year old. The mama cat [second from the left] had been coming to my house for meals for some time and then brought her babies when they were old enough to venture.

All are still with me, but now neutered and with posh outdoor shelters for crummy weather.

Thanks for your blog!

From Andrea:

This is my MIL’s cat Poo Bear. He’s a really fluffy orange and white kitty that’s getting on in his years. Recently he got hit by a car and has a piece of metal in his lower jar, so he can’t close his mouth all the way. He’s super chill.

Also from Andrea:

Sherbert lives with my MIL but was originally my husband’s cat. One day Sherbert showed up on his doorstep so he gave him a piece of ham. Sherbert decided to adopt my husband after that. He’s the kind of cat that has to stay indoors permanently because he’ll try to make friends with all the animals outside, including those that want to pick fights with him.