Friday Guest Cat Blogging

I’m going to be taking the next few days to relax which means staying away from the internet and news at all costs. I hope everybody has a safe holiday and enjoy what time we have left before January 20th because shit is about to get real.

Today’s Guest Cat Blogging is brought to you by Marnie who was awesome enough to send me in three pictures and stories of different cats. Send me an email at if you want to submit some pics for next week’s Guest Cat Blogging.

I have followed your blog for years and love it! in fact out of the hundreds of bookmarks I have accumulated over the years, Cynical C is my second ever bookmark in the history of ever. In the spirit of Christmas, here is my magnificent bastard Stevie (11 years old) with his bow! I also included another photo to show him in all his massive glory (he’s not fat! he’s big boned! lol)

This is Vinnie. Shortly after my mother passed away this little black kitten would show up in my garden to see me, he would just appear there beside me. It was like he knew I was grieving and was trying to make me smile. He kept coming back, but each time he was worse for wear, he tangled with a skunk and lost, he’d come all beat up after taking on some big cat, or full of burrs. I’d see him come, limping up like a tough gangster, so I thought Gangster Vinnie was a great name and rescued him. I brought him back to health and had a great 5 years with the little gangster until he got very sick and passed away. RIP Vinnie.

Backstory: I moved to a new neighbourhood and would see an awfully rough looking stray that would never come to me, the neighbours told me he had lived on the streets for 8 years, was terrified of humans, and no matter what I tried, he would never let me touch him.
After 2 years of trying to get this cat to let me come near him, winter was upon us once again, and it was damn cold. So I put out an insulated small house, with food and water in it hoping to coax him to it. It worked and after about three months he finally let me touch him for the first time! He came inside for the first time later that winter. The vet said he was in bad shape internally from eating rodents and trash and who knows what over the years, and that all his teeth were broken or gone, and he didn’t have long left.
Mickey lived another great year and a half, full of trips to places and love, and cuddles. The thing that makes me happiest is that he knew and felt compassion, finally.