Energy Department Won’t Disclose Names of Employees Who Worked on Climate Change to Trump Team

The next four years are going to be hell:

The Energy Department has rejected a request from Donald Trump’s transition teams to provide the names of all agency employees and contractors who worked on climate change policy under President Obama. The Trump team request sparked understandable alarm among agency workers, who suspected that the new regime was planning a purge.

The transition team request came in the form of a questionnaire, as Politico was first to report. It asked for a list of DOE workers who had attended UN conferences on climate change in the last five years, as well as anyone who attended group meetings on the “social cost of carbon.”

The Washington Post reports that in an email, a department spokesperson told the newspaper they would absolutely not be providing that information:

Trump Picks Rick Perry to Head Dept of Energy

Trump has just put forth another person to head a department which they have previously said they want to have abolished.

President-elect Donald Trump has selected former Texas Gov. Rick Perry — who famously once forgot that he wanted to abolish the Energy Department — to be secretary of energy, two sources familiar with the transition process told NBC News on Monday night.

Perry, a rival of Trump’s during the Republican presidential nominating campaign, met with Trump for about 90 minutes earlier in the day at Trump Tower in New York.

Perry dropped out of the race and endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz, a fellow Texan. Before he left the race, he denounced Trump’s candidacy as “a cancer on conservatism” and criticized Trump, himself, as a “barking carnival act.”

By May, however, as it became clearer that Trump was likely to win the Republican nomination, Perry had retreated from his criticism, saying that “I will be open to any way I can help” and that “I believe that Donald Trump should be our guy.”

Skip to 1:40 in where Perry vows to destroy three agencies, and then forgets the third (which was the Dept. of Energy which he talked about later)

Trump picks ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson for secretary of state

From WaPo:

President-elect Donald Trump has picked as his secretary of state Rex Tillerson, the chief executive of ExxonMobil, setting up a possible confrontation with members of his own party in the Senate, according to a person involved in the transition.

Since Tillerson’s name emerged as a candidate for the post, leading Republicans have expressed reservations about his years of work in Russia and the Middle East on behalf of the multinational petroleum company.

GOP advisers have warned that a growing number of Republican senators may be unwilling to vote to confirm Tillerson because of his ties to Russia. While Senate Democrats cannot filibuster Trump’s Cabinet picks, Republicans have only 52 votes in the Senate, leaving them in potential jeopardy if Democrats unite in opposition to Tillerson. It will take at least 50 votes to confirm a nominee, plus Vice President-elect Mile Pence casting a tie-breaking vote.

Yet Trump, after a protracted selection process that saw him also considering 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney, has decided to press ahead with Tillerson. Like others in the new Trump Cabinet, the ExxonMobil chief executive lacks any experience in government but will try to apply his experience in the business world to the realm of diplomacy. And he has worked extensively around the globe and built relationships with such leaders as Russian President Vladi­mir Putin.