Trump Will Begin Victory Tour on Thursday


From Bloomberg:

President-elect Donald Trump will begin a “Thank You Tour” on Thursday in Cincinnati, replicating the arena events that powered his surprise campaign, three of his transition officials said.

The Republican has credited his rallies as a central component of his victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton. The events at times drew tens of thousands of people and were often broadcast live and in their entirety on cable news networks, affording him a practically unfiltered channel to voters.

His post-election tour may take him to “swing states we flipped over,” George Gigicos, Trump’s director of advance, told reporters on Nov. 17. Trump won Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida, all states President Barack Obama won twice.

He corrected reporters who called it a “victory tour.”

“‘Thank you tour,’ Gigicos said. “It’s not a ‘victory tour.’”

Question of the Day

I keep seeing people saying that Trump’s tweets get more crazy when there’s something in the news about his conflict of interests or his scammy “university” suit being settled. Do you agree?

Honestly, the guy has always tweeted like he was an 8 year old bully who wasn’t getting his way so I don’t really think they are strategic distraction tweets. But I thought he was going to lose in a landslide so what do I know.

Trump’s Pick for Health and Human Services Secretary

The dismantling of Obamacare is about to begin.

Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Health and Human Services secretary, already has a plan for how to abolish Obamacare.

The Washington Post reported late Monday that Trump intends to announce Price, who currently serves as House Budget Chair, to lead the federal agency overseeing Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act.

Price will arrive with at HHS with a clear blueprint for what comes next. He is the author of the Empowering Patients First Act, one of the most thorough and detailed proposals to repeal and replace Obamacare. He’s the HHS secretary you’d pick if you were dead serious about dismantling the law.

It would replace the law with a plan that does more to benefit the young, healthy, and rich — and disadvantages the sick, old, and poor. Price’s plan provides significantly less help to those with preexisting conditions than other Republican proposals, particularly the replacement plan offered by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI).