Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures of their cats who are much needed for our blood pressure after the elections and the holidays. I hope those who spent the holiday with relatives who voted for Trump managed to avoid any indigestion. If you want me to post your cat next Friday, email me pics at


From Daniela:

Just want to tell you that I really enjoy your blog, and today I saw that you were looking for more cat picture for your Friday posts.

Here is a photo of my cat GiGi who passed away on July 31st. We spent 18 years together and I really miss her tremendously.


From Sarah:

This is my cat Cort. He got caught in a sunbeam and fell asleep standing up.



From Andrea:

This was Sebastian. He was a black and white shorthair that I adopted through a gal in Brooklyn who had to relocate to Seattle. I only had him for a few years before losing him to renal failure in 2009. Generally he was a pretty chill cat though sometimes if I looked at him while lying in bed he would pounce on my head for no damn reason.

I’ve had my other cat Sparkles since I got Sebastian and she’s almost 11 years old. She’s got 1 fang left from a bunch of dental surgeries and is somewhat of a nutbar. I bought her a cardboard cat house that she couldn’t fit into. She also loves to lay on the armrest of the couch like a gargoyle with her head hanging off the edge. She’s currently living on her third coastline after suffering 2 huge moves (NY to CA to TX).

Trump Christmas Tree Ornament Available on Amazon


Here are some of the reviews:

By Proverbs3130 on November 24, 2016
It kept trying to grab my cat and tried to deport my chihuahuas.

By Amazon Customer on November 24, 2016
This ornament insists on sitting on the top of the tree despite a majority of the ornaments voting for the Star .

“It tried to put my nativity figures into an internment camp. Would not buy again.”

By Cynthia on November 25, 2016
I bought one hoping that it would stay on my tree, but instead it spends most of its time where it originally came from. It is punishingly expensive to fly it back and forth. What’s worse is that I can’t get rid of it, because the backup ornament is just a scary monster that terrifies my kids. This is not what I wanted at all..I don’t think anyone really wants this.

By debbie on November 25, 2016
It’s making my tree lean too far to the right no matter where I hang it. And why does it keep telling me to call Sean Hannity??