America’s Part Time President

One of the points that kept on being brought up during the campaign was that Trump wanted to win, but not actually be President. Campaigning is fun but actually doing work is hard. There are a few reports that Trump was running for president because he knew he had no shot of winning but the publicity could help renegotiate his deal for The Apprentice. There was that report that Trump offered Kasich the VP slot where Kasich would handle everything foreign and domestic (which would leave Trump to only have to deal with things happening in space?).

How much veracity these reports have is anybody’s guess. It certainly doesn’t seem too far out there. And especially when you start reading things like this:

Now, as he prepares to assume the presidency, an open question remains about the capital he repeatedly spurned: Just how much is he willing to become a part of it?

Mr. Trump, a homebody who often flew several hours late at night during the campaign so he could wake up in his own bed in Trump Tower, is talking with his advisers about how many nights a week he will spend in the White House. He has told them he would like to do what he is used to, which is spending time in New York when he can.

Also from the article:

Returning home to Trump Tower from the White House may not be Mr. Trump’s only embrace of the familiar. His aides say he has also expressed interest in continuing to hold the large rallies that were a staple of his candidacy. He likes the instant gratification and adulation that the cheering crowds provide, and his aides are discussing how they might accommodate his demand.

“I think Trump has discovered that these rallies are tremendous opportunities for him to get his message out,” said Christopher Ruddy, chief executive of Newsmax Media, a conservative website. “It’s actually sort of old-fashioned, that you want to actually meet people and press the flesh with him.”


  1. Something tells me he’ll change his mind on those rallies once he starts realizing that his policies aren’t going to go anywhere. Or, he can just keep up the, “We want to build a wall, but stupid congress won’t let us.”

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