Friday Guest Cat Blogging

I’m going to get away from the computer this afternoon and enjoy what is a lovely fall day (weather-wise) but will leave you guys with some beautiful cat pictures that people were kind enough to send me this morning. I’ll probably be blogging this weekend since the shock of a Trump presidency has subsided and left me filled with anger and the need to speak out.

But for now, Kitties! Any other pics sent today I’ll use for next Friday. I think we’re going to need a lot of this for the next several years.

From April:

I miss this guy so much. He was a bad boy, but he was so sweet. 🙁


From Nina:

This was our Wally, who lived to be almost 20. He had a gift for caring for people, never leaving the side of someone who was ill. If a kid was having a meltdown, Wally ignored the drama and went straight into their lap to help settle them down. He was a good traveler during our many moves all over the US. He was cool with hotels on the road, just as long as all his people were accounted for. That cat survived through blizzards, earthquakes, a tornado and more. Good mouser, too, although sans teeth in his old age we weren’t quite sure how he caught the last one. Maybe he sat on it, all 18 lbs. He was resilient, which is something I need to remember given the current situation.

Love your blog- it matters. Nina


From Leigh:

Please find attached a picture of my cat and her rejected present.




And three from Bruno:

Here’s three that belong to friends of mine, I feed them regularly when they’re gone on vacation.

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