1. Oh god, am I actually turning the tv on?? Yes, I am. Fortunately, I think PBS isn’t starting the show until the debate actually starts.

  2. “Hillary really nails it on late terms abortions on how women who usually have no choice to go that route are not doing it by choice but because of health reasons. Trump just says “Nobody should rip a baby out at 9 months.””

    Which, unless there is something terribly wrong with the baby, is more a C-section than an abortion…

  3. I wish someone would call him out about this endorsement from ICE. It isn’t ICE…ICE is a government agency which cannot endorse a candidate. He’s talking about the union of immigration officers, not all of whom agreed with the endorsement.

    As an ex-Fed, this really infuriates me.

  4. I agree with your comment about being disgusted with Trump…but find there is a horrible sort of fascination to see just how much he denies that is documented fact and how much he avers that has been disproven..

  5. He doesn’t say “bigly”, he says “big league”. On literally everything else he says, off with his fucking head. But I’ll give him two things: he pronounces “nuclear” correctly (Bush seems like an innocent child now, in comparison) and he says “big league”, an acceptable — if a bit too informal — euphemism, and not “bigly”, which would be a hanging offense, grammatically speaking.

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