Trump’s apology to women with all the BS removed

Yeah, apologizing for saying something awful and then following up by saying, “But Bill Clinton has said much worse” is the kind of thing you would accept from an orange toddler. Trying to pass it off as something that was said long ago when he was an immature 60 year old man isn’t going to help your case either.

Trump was sent into a tailspin with just the mention of Alicia Machado’s name at the last debate. It got under his skin so much that he sent off those weird 3am tweets and spent the week defending himself by saying that she really had gained weight and was awful. And that was just from a 10 second line that Hillary threw in at the end of the debate. If that sent him into a deep orange rage, then this is going to make him go nuclear at the next debate. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he carries out a blue dress and throws it down in front of Hillary. Good luck with that strategy. The Trump camp seems to keep forgetting that Bill isn’t the one running and that bringing this up to the woman who actually is running for president and is the woman who was cheated on is actually going to pose her as a human being who has been hurt in the past by her husband’s cheating. This is a terrible strategy but an awful human being who only got this far because the GOP has turned into a joke of a party that offers refuge to those in the populace who crave the good old days when they could say anything they want about gays, blacks, immigrants, and women without having to face any consequences.

And on a closing note, this is a comment from Justin in another thread on this blog:

On behalf of guys, I’d like to point out that this isn’t “locker room talk,” it’s “lowest type of person talk.” I’m sure most men have heard this sort of stuff at some point, but it’s less normal than it is a barometer of who is a worthless assclown.

THIS! Trump and his deplorable basketcases are trying to imply that this is how all guys talk to each other when we’re in our “No Girls Allowed” clubs and it’s bullshit. Not all men feel that we have the right to just grope women and assault them by grabbing their pussies like their sole purpose is to be our fuck toys. Trump is a terrible excuse for a human being and he has been exposed by his own words. Being exposed has always been his worst fear. Now we get to watch him react to that. I don’t think it’s going to be pretty.