Donald Trump Makes History

With zero major newspaper endorsements:

With just a little over a month until election day, Donald Trump has racked up zero major newspaper endorsements, a first for any major party nominee in American history.

While newspaper endorsements don’t necessarily change voters’ minds, this year’s barrage of anti-Trump endorsements could actually move the needle come November, experts say.

“It’s significant,” Jack Pitney, professor of government at California’s Claremont McKenna College, told TheWrap. “The cumulative effect of all these defections could have an impact on moderate Republicans.”

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  1. There are many excellent arguments against Trump but I don’t see where a gaggle of 0.1% presstitutes being against him is one. After all these are the same rightwing corporate vermin who blacked out Sen. Sanders for as long as they could, then smeared him when they couldn’t.

    Screw ’em and screw the war criminal tool of the 0.1% they support.

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