Jimmy Fallon’s Full Body Rubdown of a Hatemonger

From The Guardian:

On Thursday, Jimmy Fallon had Donald Trump on the Tonight Show and ended the segment by saying, “Donald I want to ask you, because the next time I see you you could be the President of the United States. I just want to know if there is something we could do that’s just not really presidential, really – can I mess your hair up?” Trump let him and the NBC audience roared with laughter. But, for many of us, this is very far from being a joke.

Giving comic cover to Trump just isn’t funny when he’s unleashed forces of anti-blackness and anti-immigrant sentiment. He’s labelled Mexicans rapists, raised the prospect of a ban on Muslims, patronized and insulted African Americans while pretending to be a potential new hope. As a result, Fallon managed to come over as one powerful white man protecting another.

Not only was it not funny. It didn’t do anything to take Trump down a notch (if it was even meant to). Instead, it humanized him, boosting him on that stupid metric so many Americans use when choosing a president: “Hey, he’s a guy I’d want to have a beer with! Look at him, letting Fallon have fun with him!”

Fallon had real power last night and squandered it. I can’t imagine Chelsea Handler, Trevor Noah or the recently departed Larry Wilmore building up Trump like that.

I don’t watch late night tv shows at all. I have posted some clever clips from Fallon’s show in the past however. This will be the last one I post. Trump spews nothing but hate. I never agree with GOP candidates on policies but McCain and Romney (and even Bush for that matter) didn’t seem like terrible people. I’ve never seen a presidential candidate who is within a few electoral votes of actually being president in my lifetime who has spread as much hatred and incivility as Trump. And he does it on a daily basis. Check out these tweets just from the past few hours:

Petulant insults and a subtle death threat on his opponent’s life and all within 24 hours? Fuck you Jimmy Fallon for rubbing his head like he’s some cuddly harmless buddy. He’s a monster and needs to be treated as such. Take a lesson from Seth Meyers on how to belittle the guy and still be funny: