Jesus is on an Oven Door


Naturally. You didn’t think he was just going to show up at a children’s cancer ward and help did you?

An oven is usually used for cooking dishes and baking cakes and pastries. But in the central European country of Slovakia, however, one such common kitchen equipment stunned villagers when it reflected an image of Jesus Christ

According to a report from The Daily Mail, the image of Jesus supposedly appeared on the door of an oven in a house in the remote Slovakian village of Batizovce.

The owner of the oven, who was not named in the report, shared that she was just casually baking one day when she spotted what she perceived to be the face of Jesus imprinted on the glass part of the oven’s door.

“‘I wanted to cook so I put the pot in the stove, but my eyes kept being drawn down to the door. Something was slowly appearing there. So I sat and watched and suddenly the picture of Jesus appeared,” the woman said, as quoted by the British newspaper.