Adblock Plus Now Sells Ads

I remember when I started having ads on my site, commenters would tell me that it was fine because they have adblock plus, completely oblivious, or just not giving a fuck, that I needed ads on my site because my server expenses were getting far more expensive than I could pocket for a hobby. Like ads or not, they make a lot of things on the internet free for our use. This whole idea that everything should be free without even having to look at an advertisement is silly and not based in reality:

Adblock Plus will now sell ads. Yes, you heard it right. Adblock Plus is launching an ad exchange service to replace the bad ads (which are too big, too ugly, or too intrusive) with good ads which are less annoying.

Eyeo has partnered with ad tech platform to create an automated ad marketplace. Publishers can sell ad space on their web pages and place code to put ads. The 80 percent of the revenue from these ads will go to publishers. Remaining 20% will be divided between various other parties involved with serving the ads. Adblock plus will receive 6% from serving ads.


  1. I tend to agree with you that advertising is what makes much web content viable, and I persevered as long as I could before I started using adblock. I would even try to click on ads of interest to me, but when many sites started having autoplay video ads inserting themselves in the article bodies, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’m not always in a place where loud audio is acceptable. I now use adblock, but allow their “approved” ads through, which enforce a level of respect for the reader while still allowing the publishers to make some money. I see this as enforcing reasonable boundaries.

  2. I don’t mind ads. I’m familiar with how to mute my browser if I notice something is about to start playing sounds, etc. I tend to click on ads that are relative to me and my interests. And, I get really aggravated at the (ever growing) contingent of people who think everything should be free.

    I released an EP with a Cuban band recently, asking only $4 for it, and actually had two people ask about my ‘refund policy’ if the album becomes available on Spotify. Seriously. It cost about $3,000 to make that EP, but there is a very large mass of population that see no reason to pay for something, especially music, art, literature, tv, media, web-content, that they actively enjoy. And I hate to be grumpy, but it’s ruining a lot of really great content.

    Sorry for that rant.

    I support your ads, Chris. I dig this blog and check it daily.

    1. $4 is a pretty fair price to pay, even if at a later date you choose to put it on spotify or even make it a free download. That’s really a bizarre thing to ask about a refund about.

      And I don’t even have ads on this site any longer. If I get a huge upturn in traffic I would probably be forced to once again but I don’t think little blogs like this will need to worry about that any longer. The golden age of blogs is long gone.

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