The Latest Conspiracy Theory

Oh dear:

We’ve seen some truly excellent conspiracy theories in American politics, but perhaps none as contrived as the ones that have bubbled to the forefront during this election season. Maybe it is a result of the mainstreaming of the alt-right or maybe it is because the Internet allows for faster dissemination of ideas and more participation than ever before. Whatever the reason is, we are fortunate to have such top-notch entertainment, even if the electoral implications it could have are somewhat disconcerting.

Better even than the rumors that Hillary Clinton wears an earpiece or has people murdered with the flippancy of a Game of Thrones villain, today’s theory is that she has a body double. That double, in fact, was supposedly out and about in the Democratic nominee’s stead yesterday following the pneumonia-related collapse that was seen ’round the world. Per the theorists, the double allegedly walked out of Chelsea Clinton‘s apartment after the former Secretary of State went inside to recover from her faint.