Bagpipes vs Hate Preacher


A BAGPIPE playing student drowned out a homophobic bigot who compared being gay to bestiality in megaphone rant.

Brave Brice Ehmig confronted the preacher who was wearing a “Jesus saves from hell” T-shirt on the campus at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, USA, on Friday August 19.

Despite the preacher’s best efforts to have his voice heard, the fourth year student follows him around continuing to play the loud Scottish music.

  • My God! There is a practical application for bagpipe music!

    I don’t know what to believe anymore…

  • ange

    that was the most pleasant bagpipe music I’ve ever heard.

  • She should get Tabitha Brubaker to accompany on percussion.

  • Rev. Snarfleez J. Cattleprod

    And this isn’t even the first time this has happened!

  • Rev. Snarfleez J. Cattleprod

    And yet again!