Stranger Things

So I finally got around to binge watching Stranger Things over the last few days. I won’t put any spoilers here but they may be in the comments so be aware. I thought it was good. Not great. The child actors did a terrific job. The other performances were fine also. Setting it in 1983 was very well done and they did a good job of really bringing back that period. The plot was, well, silly. If you took out the nostalgic factor and put the same plot in contemporary times then I don’t think this would have been a big deal.

I also hated the pacing. Everything wrapped up way too quickly. I liked the beginning far better than the end.

Yes, I’ll watch Season 2. But it’s not something I’ll have to binge the moment it appears on Netflix.

Just started The Americans last night.

Good Morning

A bit of a rough day yesterday. Mrs. C is sick with a cold. We have no electricity in our bathroom for some reason, and one of those days where every little thing was going wrong. No big disasters, but a bunch of little stuff mounting up is pain enough.

Bloomberg has some charts showing Pokemon Go is on the decline already.

I’m not really surprised. I’ve been playing it since July 27th and it was fun in the beginning but there’s really not much depth in the game. I’m also fortunate to work in Harvard Square where there are plenty of Pokestops and Gyms as well as a diversity of Pokemon. But at home there’s nothing but the same characters to catch over and over. I’m not sure how much allure the game would have for people who spend the majority of their time in a rural area. And if that’s not enough to limit the game, winter is coming…