Question of the Day

What do you do in your spare time?

I am rarely bored. It’s not that I try to keep busy, I just am interested in everything and learning about new things or trying to get better at something takes a lot of time. Lately I’ve been working on two main things when I have some spare time.

1. Learning the cello. I started taking lessons about a year and a half ago when I realized quickly that teaching myself cello was not a good plan. There are just too many bad habits that you can accumulate. Usually, I love teaching myself and feel like that is half the fun. But bowed instruments are extremely complex. Just holding the bow properly is very difficult without some guidance. So I have a cello teacher I meet with once every two weeks for an hour. I’m currently working my way through Bach’s first cello suite in G. (I’m currently learning the courante and still fine tuning the prelude and allemande. They still aren’t ready for performing but they’re getting there.) I practice the cello roughly an hour a night and about 4 to 5 nights a week.

2. Learning french. I did take a class early on but don’t have time for that now. My reading and writing in french are fairly advanced now. Conversation is still tricky. I’m working on that by watching french tv shows, in french, and a lot of times with french subtitles. English subtitles just get in the way. If there are no french subtitles available, I don’t do any subtitles. It’s easier to understand when your brain isn’t switching gears from language to language. I was using DuoLingo in the beginning but I’ve completed that two or three times over. I’m trying to learn new vocabulary by reading books in french. (Currently reading Harry Potter et la chambre des secrets)