Father Accidentally Shoots Son Dead at Gun Range

From CNN:

He also enjoyed shooting, a skill he learned from his father, William Clayton Brumby. Target practice was one of those things Stephen was poised to surpass his father on at the gun range.

Because their parents keep guns in the home for self-defense, each of the seven Brumby children learned gun safety at an appropriate age, Clayton Brumby said.

“We wanted our kids to be aware of guns,” he said. “I wanted them to be comfortable around them and understand them.”

Nothing Stephen knew about guns, it seems, could have prevented his father from accidentally shooting him dead Sunday at a Sarasota, Florida, gun range.


  1. “We wanted our kids to be aware of guns,” he said. “

    Well, we know at least one of them are now.

    Too soon?

  2. I’d think the most important thing to be aware of about guns is that being around them statistically puts you in more danger than not being around them. It’s hard for me to accept his exculpatory claims about “gun awareness” when he wasn’t emphasizing that key point to his kids. He must be going through a lot right now, but still, fuck him for passing off danger as safety.

  3. Yeah, I’ve had a post or two deleted on ABCNews in commenting on this event. Of course, when it comes to posts, ABCNews is the NWS–National Wuss Site. 😛

  4. I strap my kid into my Ferrari and drive 180mph down the freeway. But it’s okay, I’m teaching him how to drive SAFELY at high speed.

  5. You know, as much as I hate the whole gun culture and the ridiculous arguments made about its ‘safety’, this poor bastard’s life became a living hell because he did something stupid. We all do stupid things and most of the time we get away with them. His daughter has spina bifida for god’s sake and I just can’t dog pile on him. I say leave him alone.

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