Unequal Scenes – Masiphumelele and Lake Michelle

While many communities across South Africa have improved tremendously since the fall of apartheid, there are still deep divisions that exist between the “haves” and the “have nots”.

This series hopes to illuminate these divisions in a unique way, by using an aerial perspective to highlight both the proximity and the severity of these inequalities.

It is Known as the “Pool of Death”

Of course, being nicknamed the “Pool of Death” doesn’t stop people from taking a dip:

LIHUE, Hawaii (Associated Press) — Travel guidebooks call Kipu Falls “a glorious little hidden place” and a “swimming hole extraordinaire.” But the alluring beauty of the waterfall and natural pool conceals a deadly side.

Five visitors have drowned at Kipu Falls in the past five years, including two since December. In most of the cases, the swimmers jumped off the top of the waterfall into the pool of blue-green water about 20 feet below, then were pulled to their deaths while attempting to swim to the shore. Others have suffered chest injuries, rope burns, perforated eardrums and broken and sprained ankles. A teenage girl was paralyzed after jumping there.